Andalucía square

Faithful witness of the passage of time the cumbreños between its space protected by wrought iron railings hand , recently recovered and restored, were held evenings , dances , concerts , games ... that have made the place mandatory meeting point for all .
Currently this location is a point of reference in the Food Fair - Cultural "Taste Cumbres " . Fair held at the Bridge of the Immaculate in the month of December. It is characterized by combining gastronomy Iberico Pork , and this feature in this town since s . XVII with its rich culture and crafts .
As a flagship event on Saturday of the bridge , the ration Iberico Ham is organized.
The Hon. City of Greater Summit , in collaboration with all companies engaged in the Iberian sector and with the invaluable help of volunteers and cutters, form: " RATION OF IBERIAN ACORN WORLD'S GREATEST ". Free delicacy that is shared with thousands of people traveling to " Tasting Cumbres ".


  • At the back , still one of the sources that were built to provide access to the population to safe drinking water remains.
  • Paseo de Andalucía and Source - Cross Hillock : Currently only two facilities of this type are preserved .

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