Chapel of Amparo

Only urban chapel located inside the old town Cumbres . Its origins were totally different from those we know today as it was built in honor of Saint Sebastian being called " Chapel of the Martyrs " possibly because several images of martyrs besides San Sebastián .
In this landmark begins the story of the dancers Cumbres . It all starts in s . XIV, when in the town there was a great epidemic of croup . The days passed and the number of patients was increasing. This affected both its inhabitants who performed a "Vote to San Sebastián " ( a promise ) , "If the epidemic ceased healthy young men would build a chapel in her honor and would dance at their parties ." The epidemic process leaving behind an important role in reducing the number of inhabitants . The cumbreños done everything promised completing the construction of the chapel and the lads showed their devotion dancing before the Holy .
Today, the tradition continues from father to son , but with a big difference. The dance is not the image of San Sebastián , has evolved to the images of Hope and the Holy Amparo , fundamental religious icons on the Main Events of Major Summits.



  • The remains of capitals, columns and font exposed on the outside are from the Romanesque apse of the Chapel of the Magdalene.
  • In the Verbena held in honor of the Virgen del Amparo all 8 September , is a curious tradition continues . This is the " shot Click " skill is throwing a knife at different distances in order to "punch " a melon ball on the floor. The festive atmosphere is accompanied by the typical mountain drink " punch " . Drink composed of white wine, soda, cinnamon and peach tozos macerated before.

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