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Throughout its evolution, the fort was integrated into the urban landscape in many ways interrelated with adjacent buildings.
The church, built after the fortress, remains highly visible to their defenders, as occur with houses attached to the wall around the western flank, could not exist while the fort remained militarily active.
If the presence of the castle was vital to consolidate the settlement of the town, eventually died as a military building absorbed by it. Today we find inside the Interpretation Centre of the Galician band, where we know the functions and locations of all the castles that are part of this historic defensive line in addition to discover the sights of the mountain town of Major Summits.
Your space has become cultural entertainment area for all cumbreños being included year after year by the linear in the Catering-Cultural Fair "Savor Greater Heights." Being located within the area of Arts and interactive exhibits.
Historically this has become military building next to the church, a symbol and emblem of the population.



Many of the stones that we see in the towers are brought tribute remains of the Roman city of Nertobriga, and still retain the hollow metal anchors used by this civilization.
Original remnants of the worn pieces of wall, where we find sores and typical drawings of these buildings also remain.
The signature of the artisan stonemason appears in some blocks of the barrel vault of the entrance. Has similarity with blocks found in the Church of Major Summits like the church located inside the Castle.



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