"La Portá" street

Main shaft where the village is divided into two halves. In their journey discover stunning manor houses with carved railings and facades where the brick out. Mixtures of different styles ending in one of the most magical corners of Cumbres lost . We refer to the Songs of " Sun and Moon " , this peculiar name known by the marble slab which crowns the auxiliary gate of the Fortress of Sancho IV " The Brave " .
Here also we can see a breathtaking view of the main street of town with the bottom of the Sierra Morena , the original foundation of the impressive wall that we have shown that crown back and this natural ridge. No foundation but use the natural environment to go rock placing small rocks terrain and live mixing mortar to build this magnificent military building lime.
The street " porthole " is best known for its popular Capeas that complement the feast of Corpus Christi. These five whitewater loose cows on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays comprising these large parties. Here moments of joy and fun mixed with adrenaline nerve produced by the excitement of live cows .
The most distinctive sound that defines this bullfights are the three rockets that indicate the beginning of the release. Their houses are open, your entryways serve as a barrier safeguarding the security of the participants, their intersections with palisades , ensure the vision of spectators laughing, chants and fun make a special coexistence cumbreños and visitors for the occasion.


  • One of the main houses on the street is decorated with hand painted tiles depicting scenes of the most important novel of the Spanish chivalric literature, "Don Quixote" of Cervantes. His face can be seen on the tiles that adorn the basis of their balconies.
  • Flavour of HAM IBERIAN ACORN , which lie in the drying rooms in the village, accompany us throughout the tour.


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