Los Abades street

Street link between the historic center and the main shaft of Cumbres . Here we see the primitive style houses mixed in with early medieval manor houses of the village.

Via Extremely charming as witnesses of the oldest festivities still celebrated in this town, such as: The procession of Corpus Christi.
All white facades are transformed with the colors of the antique quilts that hang over custody under a canopy , surrounded by beautiful dressed Cumbreñas blanket for the occasion. Making stop on the altars , prepared in the " hallways " of the great houses that make the place.

Here , groups of dancers offer their best moves worshiping the Blessed Sacrament, as the main processional image of the Virgin as patron of Hope and Grace and Virgen del Amparo as homonyms.

Due date to discover a mountain town in its heyday that still celebrates the feast of Corpus Christi in their original date of Thursday .


  • In the first manor house at the beginning of the street and its main facade is preserved , it is said , that the TESORO SILVER INDIAN made ​​must stop before placing it in the Parish Church .
  • Master Shield in front of a house . One of the two that are still preserved in the Municipality .

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