Roman Bridge

In our limits we can find a place where centuries of history breathe . This is the Roman bridge that connected with Turobriga Nertobriga , helping overcome the flow of the river Sillo .
Construction visually simple but has survived the passage of centuries. Its structure is built on natural rock enclave , forming two columns of 3.5 square meters. approx. thick. In both columns begin to build an arch barrel exact measurements. This topped by a small low wall by the passage of time alone is his base. The step from one end to the other is about a meter, the road is made by rocks in the area.
The chosen location is a connecting link to the old Roman road that we can find some parts that have endured . Later they began building water mills that its structure is still preserved. These constructs can be reached via countercurrent .
Very near a crossroads of paths used by ancient nomadic as Leon Cañada , La Cañada Soriana, Fregenal road ... and a large number of paths to all neighboring municipalities.


  • Until recently this was unknown architectural infrastructure for many cumbreños .



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