Sendero GR-48

For these natural places runs one of the most important paths that cover all Sierra Morena , as Cumbres is located at its foothills.
Big Summits have two very distinct stages in both complexity and time journey.
All the way still find Signage painted on stakes as two parallel stripes red and one white line , located in typical places of travel. The centuries-old holm oaks, olive trees , hawthorn , chestnut and strawberry , accompany us throughout the tour .
For more information on both stages will derive the official website of the Sierra Morena , where you'll find a more detailed description of the route.



  • The cattle will discover old buildings along the route as pigsties , pens or nomadic herding huts dotted with some lime pit centenary or riverside mills.
  • In step 2-3 to Cumbres . In its final stage will have the privilege of walking through an old Roman road with staggered levels. Magic corner adorned with a small fountain called " La Tijera " . This location is 350 m . back in the Ermita de la Esperanza.

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