Source Magdalena

Remodeled on several occasions their origins is defined by the old population Ausera . Abandoned by its citizens when construction began on the Castillo- Fortaleza due to ongoing insecurity after Portuguese incursions.
To support this thesis there is a seventeenth century text , where this data is collected :
"They say that place was called Ausera Roman times , i which was wide of the place that has heard two shots distant musket westward . Mui was great i had four parishes. Quem ronle the Portuguese in time of deste wars united with Castile, and looking short of strength climbed to the top of a hill , i did the strength that is mui Beautiful all stone , very spacious and well treated with eight towers, dende inhabited for any length of time; i not fitting into the fortress inhabited towards the east side , in a Ombria where they could not keep ; so i moved the population to a half day where today be preserved and the upper part called High Peaks or Summits Maiores "
Archive of Seville , 1944.




  • For all that is known by RSS " La Malena ," spring that has calmed the thirst of all cumbreños . Its crystal water is used daily by all for our mountain cuisine dishes .
  • Today the walk to the Malena remains the busiest way to enjoy the warm summer evenings.
  • Legend has it that after several sieges failing in his attempt to Castillo, the population safeguarded inside never lacked water, because water collected Ausera source unseen.
It has always been orally transmitted to inside the castle there is a tunnel connecting this location to the source we are observing. Carrying the water horse , so that the height of this building should be considerable. At present , it has never come to check the location of this curious legend.


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